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InQishaaf explore the dark
side with ‘Bhula Doon Ga’

Hafsah Sarfraz

InQishaaf is a band comprising of two musicians from Islamabad who started performing at local gigs four years back when they were in Karachi. Soon, they realized music wasn’t just a past-time; it was, in fact, their passion. That’s when they officially formed a band and started working towards producing original music. Fast forward four years and they have their first album out, which is a great achievement considering how long it usually takes to release a debut.

The unique aspect of InQishaaf’s music is that it is a fusion of the East and West. While Shariq gives a little touch of the melodies from the West, it is Shoaib who draws strong influence from Eastern melodies, making them both play with a contagious energy. Their album expresses an array of emotions. From love to hate, solitude, misery, rage and romance; their music expresses it all.

It has been a while since InQishaaf released their album and a video, but the band has recently translated the first track of their album ‘Bhula Doon Ga’ into a video. The track ‘Bhula Doon Ga’ itself is one of the best tracks off the album. The track starts with a sweet yet catchy tune, which is a fusion of the East and the West. The song goes on to talk about how the singer hopes to forget, move on in life and the memories that hold the beautiful past. This track is definitely towards the melancholy side yet the tune isn’t that slow and hence refreshing.

The tune is interesting and catchy to an extent but it’s one of those tracks that don’t instantly click with you. ‘Bhula Doon Ga’ will take its time to grow on you and might need a few listens before it does.

As far as the video is concerned, it’s a great attempt and clearly an improvement from their debut video! ‘Bhula Doon Ga’s’ video begins with clouds, which blend into shots from the entire video instantly as the tune starts playing. The video goes on to show the musicians standing on a platform from where the entire city can be seen. Clearly it’s somewhere up in the mountains. The location is divine and makes you want to forget everything and go there just for a look. It’s one of those places that make you feel like you’re on top of the world, quite literally. The fact that InQishaaf picked up this area to shoot parts of their video works well for them.

On the other side, there’s a completely different story going on which shows a shattered girl sitting in a corner of a dark room sobbing and shedding tears over her pain. It shows her trying to hold on to material memories and grabbing them as hard as she can because that’s all she can do now. This part of the video represents how a person can be so helpless at times. There’s a guy sitting in front of him who is so helpless that he can’t even comfort her. This part of the video needs serious concentration to understand what’s going on, which is a negative aspect of the video because when a viewer is watching it he might not be able to grasp the concept in one go.

However, considering how sorrowful the song is and how serious it is, the video demands a certain level of momentousness too, which is very present in the video. Also, the constant use of paintings and emphasis on them gives a very artistic and unique touch to the video. 

All in all, ‘Bhula Doon Ga’ is a great effort by InQishaaf and it shows how they’re growing with every video they bring out. Watch out for this track on YouTube and local channels!

Alexander McQueen's Will Made Public, Shows Love

 For Dogs

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen left most of his considerable fortune to charities but also left money to his siblings, household staff and for the upkeep of his dogs, according to documents made public Tuesday.

McQueen, one of the brightest stars in British fashion, committed suicide last year just days after his mother's death.

The documents show that McQueen, who was 40, left an estate worth just over 16 million pounds ($26 million).

He left 250,000 pounds each to his three sisters and two brothers, and 50,000 pounds each to his two-person household staff, his godson, and each of his nieces and nephews.

The animal lover left 50,000 pounds for the continual care of his dogs and donated 100,000 pounds each to two charities that help animals: the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity. Both provide care for abandoned animals and help find them homes.

Kim Hamilton, chief executive of the Blue Cross animal charity, said the group is "thrilled" with the bequest.

"It is a touching tribute to his obvious love for his dogs and his legacy will allow us to help many thousands more sick and homeless animals across the UK," she said.

McQueen also left 100,000 pounds each to the London Buddhist Center and the Terrence Higgins Trust, which helps promote sexual health and safe sex practices.

The designer, known for his edgy and artistic creations, left the bulk of his estate to his Sarabande charity with the suggestion that some money be used for scholarships at London's Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design.

Photo-credits: Studiographics


Karisma makes a comeback

Even though we hated her acting, who didn't love girl-next-door Karisma Kapoor? She is probably the reason why Bollywood ladies ditched the baby-fat look and went for the more toned body look. (Both the Kapoor sisters have a knack for changing trends: Kareena started the size zero revolution.) Remember Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Karisma's barely there tank tops and biker shorts?

So yes, we are more than excited to hear the elder Kapoor sister is planning to come back into Bollywood. Of course, after her marriage to Sanjay Kapur didn't work out, we were expecting her to try her luck at acting again.

Well, not exactly acting. Actually, Lolo isn't starting off with acting just as yet, but something else she was better at, back in the day: dancing. Of course, that's the more effective way to make a comeback. Raveena Tandon just proved that by doing an 'item number' for Amitabh Bachchan's latest film, Bbuddah Hoga …Terra Baap.

Anyway, Sajid Nadiadwala is busy making Housefull 2, and is of course going to have an item number in it (last time he got Jacqueline Fernandez to do the job.) According to a unit hand, Karisma wasn't the first choice for the item number. Rani Mukherji was approached for it earlier. But it seems things did not work out so the makers of Housefull 2 approached Karisma who is a close friend of producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

"Lolo's association with Sajid is very old. The duo has worked together for films like Jeet and Judwaa . Sajid and Lolo are still in touch. So after Rani refused, Sajid thought of Karisma who looks as sexy as she was earlier,” says a source close to the H2 unit.


Amitabh Bachchan apologizes to Hrithik

Well not to him directly. But Amitabh Bachchan did have a lot of apologizing and explaining to do after his tweet on Twitter outraged a lot of people, including Farhan Akhtar's dad, Javed Akhtar.

It all happened when Amitabh Bachchan was making an innocent statement, showing his appreciation for Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) without know what he was getting himself into. Here's what he tweeted: "ZNMD is a triumph of spirit and male bonding  ... and Farhan and Abhay are just so impressive ... natural, composed and effortless." There's something obviously wrong with this tweet: Where is Hrithik Roshan's name?! Even though it is obviously an accident, it is still screaming for some negative publicity.

Obviously Hrithik's fans waged a war on Senior Bachchan's Twitter page. Javed Akhtar also commented on the obvious accident saying: "Great that you liked Abhay & Farhan but I am sure that Hrithik's omission was just a slip. Who can deny that he was outstanding."

But as the bashing continued, Amitabh Bachchan finally tweeted again saying how he had personally congratulated Hrithik over the phone: "Hrithik Fan Club stop the bashing .. I congratulated him on phone personally. Want me to print his response also??!!”


They'll always have Paris

Brad Pitt and George Clooney get wax figured at Musee Grevin 

If all you wanted to do before the apocalypse of 2012 arrived was hang out with a drug ring boss in Miami while he drawls at David Caruso and his smartass friend makes clever quips, the place to be is Musee Grevin in Paris, where Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been wax-figured

 and are currently posing together like back in their Ocean's days. E! is wondering whether Clooney has a "Hey, I'm single" twinkle in his eye”, whereas Brad Pitt has the desperate look of a housewife in the '50s non-twinkle in his eye.



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