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 Monday, December 31, 2012
Caretaker PM after consensus
PESHAWAR: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah on Sunday said the government would not try to stop any long march and the caretaker prime minister will be decided in consultation with all stakeholders.
He was talking to reporters at the residence of Ghulam Ahmed Bilour where he came to offer condolence with the bereaved family of Bashir Bilour. He said talks with assassins and barbarians were not possible and asked all political parities to unite against the menace of terrorism.
He said a consensus among the leaders of all political parities was the need of the hour to weed out terrorism from Pakistan.
“We are ready to start negotiation for the restoration of peace. But it is not possible to hold talks with the assassins who are frequently killing innocent civilians across the country,” he claimed.
The federal minister said Tahirul Qadri would not be stopped from launching a march on Islamabad, adding that the people should decide whether he was organising the march in the interest of the country or not. However, he said that nobody would be allowed to disrupt the law and order situation.
Agencies add: Meanwhile, Shah said that every political party is seeking its way for contesting the next elections.
He said the tenure of the assemblies will be completed on March 16 and after that a caretaker set-up will be installed which will hold general elections within 60 days.
The minister said the government will not stick to power a single day after its term and the elections will be held on schedule.
Shah said after 18th Amendment, an independent election commission has been set up, adding that no decision has been taken so far about the caretaker prime minister.
He said dialogue is the source to resolve all the issues. He said negotiations could be held with the Taliban if only their leaders come forward.